Why Use Us!

Hudson Valley LifeSavers provides training courses in CPR/AED and First Aid.

Why use us?

Hudson Valley Lifesavers offers CPR/AED and First Aid classes in Westchester and the Hudson Valley area. 

You can register for one of our pre-scheduled classes or 

We will bring our trainers to you! 

You choose the place, time and date and we will do the rest.

Convenient scheduling for quick and easy certification! 

Hudson Valley Lifesavers trainers will come to your home, school, small business or corporate headquarters and provide a quick and easy certification course in the life saving skills of CPR/AED and even First Aid.

HVLS educates, trains and empowers individuals to respond in an emergency situation. Providing training in both CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the use of an AED - Automated External Defibrillator enables a person to properly respond in a cardiac emergency. These skills can mean the difference between life and death. When a person is appropriately trained and has mastery of the skills needed to perform in an emergency situation, it can save a life.

Our Experience Shows!

With more than 10 years experience teaching classes, our staff provides a thorough training for individuals, parents, corporate employess, school districts, lifeguards, coaches and lay responders as well as police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and other professional rescuers.